Staging & Lecterns

Staging & Lecterns

When hosting a conference, corporate event or award ceremony your guest speakers should be at the forefront of your venue and be a focal point for the crowd.

An important feature needed to support your speakers is a lectern which can be used not only to hold any notes or paper that is need to support the speech but can also be fitted with a microphone and connected to a PA system. 

M.A.P Events can provide stages to change the shape of your venue and lift your performance, speeches or presentations to a higher level. We offer a range of staging solutions depending on the size of stage you require, please get in touch for more information.

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Event Structure

Transform Your Venue Using Structure

When designing your event you will often find that even if you have found the perfect venue there will still be layouts you want to create which aren’t possible within the realms of the current building’s structure. When this occurs we often suggest that our clients consider using forms of truss and rigging to support their design ideas.

Structure, truss and rigging can be particularly useful when you are looking to hang draping or set up lighting or audio in locations that the current venue does not currently provide. At M.A.P Events we can help design the ideal placement of these structures to ensure they fit in well with the design of your event and are safe & non-obtrusive.

Our pipe based structures can be delivered and installed by our highly experience team in plenty of time before your event begins. Please get in touch with your requirements to discuss further.


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