Dancefloors & Starcloths

A Wide Range of Dancefloors

We offer a range of different dancefloors for hire including Black & White Dancefloors and Starlit Dancefloors which are certainly our most in demand items. Due to the design of our dancefloors they can be arranged in rectangles or squares which makes them not only suitable for wedding or private party but also for cat walks and fashion shows.

Depending on the size of your event and the number of guests you are expenting we can provide a dancefloor sized to suit your needs, from as small as a 12x12ft dancefloors to a much larger design!

With our starlit dancefloors you have control over the lights themselves and can use a remote to change how quickly the floor flashes and changes. Our staff our fully trained to deliver and install the flooring in plenty of time before your event kicks off.

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Ivory Starcloth

Black & Ivory Starcloths

Our black and ivory starcloths are perfect for transforming a bland or unsightly background into an impressive feature. These can be put up behind a DJ or band or behind an area where your special guests might be giving  speech.

Each and every one of our starcloths is made from a fire retardent fabric to ensure it is perfectly safe. Our starcloths have a layer of interactivity built into them as the speed and the brightness of the lights can be controlled via a remote control by your DJ or event production team.

We have both black and ivory starcloths available and can even offer some limited changes to the colour of the lights upon request.


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